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Breast Health

At Fayette Surgical Associates, we partner with Kentucky One Breast Center to provide you access to the latest and most advanced therapies and technologies for all types of breast diseases, benign or cancerous. We consider it a privilege to be a partner in your health.

Benign Conditions

Benign breast disease is a very common condition and may include the following symptoms:

•  Lumps or thickening of breast tissue

•  Pain

•  Discharge from the nipple

•  Some benign issues may be diagnosed during a screening mammogram


Fibrosis is the formation of scar-like tissue, and may cause these symptoms:

•  Swelling

•  Pain

•  Lumps


Mastitis is the term for inflammation or infection of the breast. The nipple, the ducts connecting to it, or areas deep under the skin may be involved and abscesses can develop.

Benign Tumors

The most common tumors in young women are called fibroadenomas. These are benign tumors, and usually are painless, though your doctor may recommend removal.


Benign conditions often recede without treatment, but, at times, medication or minor surgery may be indicated. Physical examinations, ultrasound, mammography and removal of fluid or tissue for analysis can facilitate diagnosis and treatment if necessary.

Breast Cancer

Early detection and comprehensive care can be the keys to successful treatment of breast cancer, evidenced by a decrease in the number of deaths attributed to breast cancer in recent years.  

Today, a treatment plan will probably involve close communication and cooperation among several specialists. Kentucky One Breast Care coordinates radiation oncology, reconstructive surgery, and all other health care professionals essential to your treatment regimen.


Surgical removal of early-stage breast cancer, especially when combined with other techniques, is highly successful. The procedure is usually either a lumpectomy or a mastectomy.


This procedure involves removing only the tumor, and some surrounding tissue. Most of the breast is not involved. Some patients undergo radiation treatment and/or chemotherapy as an adjunct to the surgery.


During a mastectomy, the cancerous lesion and all breast tissue is removed through the incision.

At Fayette Surgical Associates, our surgeons have extensive experience in this procedure, in all of its variations, which cover a wide range of possibilities for each patient.


Many women will choose post-op prosthesis, or breast reconstruction. In many cases, reconstruction can be effected at the same time as the mastectomy, which precludes a follow-up reconstruction procedure.

Breast Care

Disposable  catheter inserte

into vein

Vein warmed and collapses

Catheter slowly withdrawn,

closing the vein