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About FSA Care

What You Can Expect

Our special areas of medicine are  general and vascular surgery.

We treat conditions of the vascular system (your blood vessels), as well as perform general surgical procedures (gallbladder, hernias and certain types of cancer, etc.).

Your doctor has referred you to us because he knows that we are specialists in the type of care you require. Our treatment may take only an office visit or two.  We'll frequently review your case among the six doctors in our practice.  We may even request the opinion of other specialists.  Then we'll present a treatment plan for your approval.

If we recommend an operation, it will only be after due consideration of our examination, the input of your doctor and your opinion.

Other situations may result in a treatment plan that simply requires us to "observe" your condition through periodic examinations and tests over a number of months or years.  Our computerized records system helps us schedule patients for such visits and tests.  Again, we'll keep you informed along the way, and forward results to your regular physician.

For your convenience and ease in communication. we have provided a patient portal where you can access your records.


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